Issue with Projucer writing Linux Makefiles for *.c files

When the Projucer puts together the command for the compilation of a *.c file, the flags for the compiler end up missing a space after the $(JUCE_CFLAGS), looking like this:


This hasn’t been a problem for me until compiling on a different system now, where the compilation fails because of this for some reason.

The relevant Projucer code for this is in jucer_ProjectExport_Make.h, line 214; adding a space after the $(JUCE_CFLAGS) (similar to what is done with the JUCE_CXXFLAGS) fixes this for me:

<< (targetFiles.getReference(i).hasFileExtension (“c;s;S”) ? "\t$(V_AT)$(CC) $(JUCE_CFLAGS) " : "\t$(V_AT)$(CXX) $(JUCE_CXXFLAGS) ")

Thanks for reporting. This is fixed on develop now - e3f64eb