Issue with Time Class After Last Git Pull on Develop Branch

I have an app that uses the Time class for a tap tempo feature I wrote a class for. It was working until my last git pull from JUCE (my last pull was 3-4 weeks ago). Very strange. I haven’t made any changes on my end. It seems that when I create a Time object on my end and call toMilliseconds() from it at various points in my app, the same value for the time in milliseconds is being returned. I have no idea why. My code hasn’t changed at all.

I haven’t looked around at compatibility, but I did jump up to Xcode 10 and macOS Mojave.

Any suggestions?

Very strange. Just did a build folder clean and the issue is gone! Rarely does cleaning the build folder ever fix my issues so I almost always forget to do it. Sorry for the false flag.

Probably some files that didn’t get rebuilt and you ended up with different memory layouts for that class in different object files. Usually wise to do a clean build whenever you pull-in new code.

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Xcode 10 doesn’t reliably detect changed files, particularly if they’re in the JUCE modules.

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This has been my experience as well. I use CLion for debug development, but whenever I deploy an AU version to test within Logic, which is only possible with XCode atm, I make sure to clean the build folder before, as I’ve had similar experiences.

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Thanks for the replies guys, guess I need to start making it a habit to clean the build folder more often.