Issues compiling Introjucer with Code::Blocks/MingW

Greetings, I'll try to keep this short. Please not I'm not an expert coder, but I know enough to get by (and probably to be dangerous). So please be patient with me If my jargon is incorrect.

I'm trying to compile Introjucer using Code Blocks on both a Windows XP and Windows 7 machines and in both cases the compilation fails with the following output ...

juce_win32_SystemTrayIcon.cpp | 174 | error: NOTIFYICONDATA' has no member named 'szInfoTitle'
juce_win32_SystemTrayIcon.cpp | 175 | error: 'NOTIFYICONDATA' has no member named 'szInfo'

I have successfully compiled it using VS 2010 Express, but I'd like to steer away from VS if at all possible. It appears that the NOTIFYICONDATA structure (defined in shellapi.h) is different in MinGW than it is in VS.

Am I missing something in the CodeBlocks project settings? Or is this a problem with MinGW and/or Introjucer code not jiving? Has anyone else seen this? I've Google it and found nothing.

Any information would be great help.  Thanks.

Sorry - that code was recently added, and I rarely test MinGW builds. Try again now, it should be sorted out.

Wow, that was a fast reply!. Should I download the whole juce library from git or just the Introjucer code?

Get it from GIT.

WooHoo!!! Worked like a charm. Thanks jules.