Issues found with JUCE and JuceAudioPlugin

Problems I found so far (I will post more as I progress):

  • virtual void selectedRowsChanged (int lastRowSelected) not called for a TreeView. Cannot get selection events from a TreeView

  • I used a ComboBox in my GUI (didn’t put anything in it yet). In a JUCE app when I open the ComboBox it will put “No Choices” bellow the CombBox. In a JUCE plugin the “No Choices” will be floating around somewhere on the screen. Checked in 3 hosts included Tracktion

  • The resizing in the JuceAudioPlugin example does not work properly in hosts other than Tracktion (although the rest of the GUI does look ok in the latest version)

  • Assuming that audiofilterbase.h/cpp and JuceVstMain.cpp belong to JUCE (i.e. users are not supposed to changed them, only create their JuceFilter classes) it is not very convenient how createPluginFilter is implemented in juce_CreateFilter.h and not in a class the user can extend. It very difficult to implement multiple plugins this way

If you dig in this file…

you can find a solution for the resizing issues. I fixed quite a few other bits and pieces by porting parts of the delphi template. Set up a programs and parameter index, the screen updates when params are automated, resize works accross hosts, gui restores when reopened (cos some hosts destroy the editor when closed), and I implemented the processEvents stuff for handling midi… and other tidbits.

note: I write what has been described as hacky code! :shock: :roll: :smiley: but it might get you pointed in the right direction.

Thanks Modular, you are always so helping!

Not all the issues are urgent for me, I have enough work on my project so I can wait and see what Jules will make out of it.

I am writing a plugin that host other (also my) plugins. I am going to write the host plugin with JUCE GUI but with native VST SDK code since there is no point in translating from SDK to JUCE and then back to SDK (for the host part). The lower level plugins will be written with JUCE so I can compare the two experiecnes and maybe help this community effort also…