Issues with iPad Duet App and OSX

There is an app that can extend the OSX screen to an iPad, called Duet. A user reported some strange issues with our JUCE 4 plugins. Most plugins seems to work without any problems. I think that all JUCE plugins are affected. Here the reported problems:

Somehow clicking behaves unruly and often clicks at the last selected position instead of the desired tapping position.

Then when opening a dropdown menu on the iPad the dropdown menu appears on the main screen, totally detached from the plugin window…

iPad mini ios 9.3.5
Mac OSX 10.11.6
Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.7

Not sure how many people use this app, but i think it could be a nice gadget for studios to show some spectrum analyzers or plugins on a separate iPad screen.
Let me know if this is relevant and someone has more information about this. Hope i have the chance to make some test in the next days.

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I think Duet is a quite popular app among audio people, putting metering plugins or DAW control surfaces off-screen onto an iPad.