Issues with tiling WM

I’m using the tiling WM i3 and it seems like lots of things in juce are seen as separate windows, hence get tiled.
Affected things are:
a blue ‘j’ logo in the JuceDemo
Menus (yes, the menubar thing, click on anything there -> new window)
Dragged items (drag and drop)
probably more…

This feels really odd and IMHO shouldn’t happen. My tiling WM is rather obscure (“i3”), but I’ve never seen anything like that with any other widget toolkit, so I’m rather sure this is due to some juce implementation detail. I haven’t tested it, but I’d guess that other tiling WMs behave similarly.
If you want to see screenshots or similar, just tell me.

You should use the ‘modules’ branch because I’m pretty sure the issues with menus are gone.

I just tried the JuceDemo from the modules branch.
the blue ‘j’ logo is still a separate window
Menus work as expected
Dragged items (drag and drop) are only a separate window for a brief moment (when dropped)

So this stuff is not fixed but improved. Especially that the menu stuff now works is nice.