ItemDropped callback

Having a Alertwindow inside ItemDropped callback causes my app to crash occasionally.
I guess it is a bad design to do so? How to do instead?


I had no problem showing a modal AlertWindow in my itemDropped():

void MyComponent::itemDropped (const String& sourceDescription)
                             Component* sourceComponent,
                             int x, int y)
  AlertWindow::showMessageBox (AlertWindow::QuestionIcon, JUCE_T("Title"), JUCE_T("Message"));

I’m running Windows 7.

In the last couple of weeks I made a change so that the itemDropped callback happens asynchronously rather than being called directly from the OS’s event, because I hit some problems (in OSX, but I’m sure the same thing could happen in win32) where if your callback blocked for too long, something in the OS timed out and went a bit mad.

Thank you! I’ll do git update…

GIT update did the trick, thanks…