Jack connections all

I have been making some headway on using jack.  The is a behavior I don't like but don;t know if this is expected, or a problem juce or jack.

No matter what connections I make from devices the juce mixer I am working, connections always start at 1 and count up.  If I connect my sub devic channel 1 to mixer, sigal comes in on channel 1.  Connect channel 10 to 20, it will route to channel 2.  If I now route something to channel 5, it will move to channel 2, and the channel 10-2 connection will then be 10-3.  In other words if I try to skip channels, it won't let me.

Is this normal or a problem with juce/jack?

The behavior is due to juce.  I found the code that does it.  In the process function when preparing the data for jack call back it skips the inputs that are not connected.  I assume this is to skip processing for channels not connected.  This means that instead of the input buffers coming in from the inputs 1,2,3,4... will be 1,4,5,6 if 2 and 3 are not connected.  I did not expect this but I guess it makes sense.  I would have thought that unconnected inputs would pass silence.