Jack not working with Plugin Host Demo?

I can’t seem to get Jack to work with the demo host, but it works fine with the JuceDemo app? Once I select jack the programs hangs. If I step through with the debugger I get to the following ScopedLock in juceAudioDeviceManager.cpp:

void AudioDeviceManager::enableInputLevelMeasurement (const bool enableMeasurement)
    const ScopedLock sl (audioCallbackLock);

    if (enableMeasurement)

    inputLevel = 0;

If I don’t step through the code, and place my first breakpoint at this point, it doesn’t get hit before the hang? Does anyone have any suggestions, I’m at a loss. What’s different between the way the audio devices are selected with the host and the way they are with the JuceDemo?

Hmm, looking at that (old!) bit of code, there’s really no reason for me to have used a lock there - I’ll replace it with an atomic counter, which will probably sort out your deadlock too.

But for the record: when you’re reporting a deadlock, you need to let us know the stack traces of both threads that are deadlocked, not just one of them!

Thanks. I’ll look into how to do that using gdb.