Jassert (isPositiveAndBelow (index, numUsed)); when tweaking knobs

Sure, you can enforce a destruction order, but actually this defeats the purpose of using unique_ptr in the first place. Todays best practice is not to use unique_ptr at all but make the Slider a plain member of the parent class (unless the Slider is optional, in which case you need to use unique_ptr or std::optional).

So it seems the crash is a different one from the destruction order, fair enough.

unique_ptr is not reference counted. It is owned in one place, but that’s just a side note. It is destroyed once the unique_ptr goes out of scope, or if it is explicitly set to a different pointee or nullptr. But the default use case is to let it go out of scope.

Sorry i got it confused with shared ptr since I had scopedptr before unique.

Question: why are you using reset(new…) for this, instead of std::make_unique<>()? Could that be the problem here?

No particular reason! This must have been left over from when I actually use projucer gui editor. I’ll give that a try.

The only issue though I’m certain only resgresses is when using a combo box. The component then becomes the sole interacter if keyboard. May be there is a way for me to disable that. Even when not interacting with the combo box itself but anything else in the component I still get the same input issue.

That was it for the crash!


Now onto figuring out why combo boxes require full component input consumption. I verified that it has nothing to do with valuetree attachments but the combobo component itself.

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Any component/control that you don’t want to steal keyboard focus can have that turned off by calling setWantsKeyboardFocus(false).

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Haha I literally just found that out by looking at ComboBox’s code!

I assumed it’s off by default unless combo box has an editable text.

But yes that was it!

Thanks again @HowardAntares !

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Hi aram,

What is the root cause of crash? I have the same issue at jassert (isPositiveAndBelow (index, numUsed));

@thuyet Make sure you’re using unique pointers instead of scoped pointer.

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A jassert is not a crash. It is a conditional breakpoint to give the developer a heads up of a condition that was not expected. Most likely a crash could follow if the code would continue. But the jassert in the debugger shows you what to fix.
The jassert tells you the index is outside the valid bounds of the array.

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thanks aram

Thanks daniel