Java-like Collections in C++ (java.util.*)

Hey everyone!

I just came across JUCE, and it looks great! Can’t wait to try it.

I’m actually working on a Java-like API for C++ library ( ). You can view the source directly out of CVS at

As of now, I only have a few Collections such as HashSet, List, ArrayList, HashMap, etc. done, but eventually I plan on implementing a larger spectrum of the Java API.

I’m wondering: is there any interest in me integrating this into JUCE? I’m considering putting JUCE into my library.

Anyways, any and all feedback would be appreciated. Keep up the great work, guys!

What on earth is wrong with the collections in std and stdext? They already contain those and much more.

Also, personal niggle, I hate names like “ArrayList”, those are contridictory terms… What is it, an array, or a list? The std collections versions of array (vector) and list (list) are used interchangable, exact same code, so you can switch out as you want depending on which would be faster for you.

Sorry, about this, been working with Java off and on at work recently and I truly hate it, not the language, the language is beautiful, but the api, it stinks of many unrefined thoughts.

I don’t think Jules will be interested, since he is doing dual licensing and thus would be in for a world of pain if he started accepting outside contributions. Unless it’s under a do-what-you-will type license?
Also, I think he just likes to write everything himself.

There is a dude working on some Juce extesions which might fit your stuff better? Look in the projects forum.

Array to me, means basically a chunk of memory, or anything that allows “random access”. List implies a linked list. ArrayList leaves me kind of confused unless it’s a linked list of arrays?

Reading the posts here, I realise that all together we come across as a bit hostile.

That was not my intention. (I bet Overmind is a real mean fella though)
I wish you all the best with your project, I just think there might be more fertile grounds than JUCE for this particular persuit.

FLTK maybe?

Yeah, I very rarely take contributions of this kind of thing - not just because it might be tricky in terms of copyright, but because the to discuss, check, reformat and possibly refactor someone else’s code would usually take longer than if I just wrote the class myself!

I’m actually very calm and easy-going, but dealing with Java the past year has really made me hate it with a passion. I prefer C++ and/or Python.

I still don’t know what you hope to accomplish by making those as the versions in that come with C++ (and the stdext) all do those; no doubt, far more efficient then others could make them. Those classes are made by the smartest C++ programmers there are.