JavaScript ports

Hi Jules,

Thought you’d like to see this, Qt ported to JavaScript:

The demos are terribly slow though…

I’ve seen a lot of stuff re-written in Javascript like booting a OS in JS:
it’s impressive though i wonder sometimes if its not just a waste of someones time. Maybe for learning purposes.
QT in a web browser does not sound exciting.

I got Juce to work with Wt ( that looked promising but all i got was the Core juce classes to work,
rendering stuff on screen would be very cool.

I got a bit of Juce working in LUA (enough to make most of the JuceDemo rendering demo to work).
It’s not that slow, though i’m sure it could be faster (LuaJit beeing one of the possible solutions to speed things up).

cool, why not. If the LowLevelGraphics-Classes could be used to generate javascript/canvas-wrapper for graphical output it could be used for both scenarios, running the application on server as binary, display on client-browser, or as single javascript app on the browser via emscripten.

Would love to have enough time to explore this kind of thing.