Anyone tried audio in jellybean yet?

I’ve had a couple of reports of people having problems, but haven’t had chance to play with a jellybean device myself yet… Will do soon, but if anyone’s had any experience with it, I’d be keen to hear about it!

Well… There are many issues beside audio support on all versions of Android. I just ran Juce Demo on the Nexus 7 and the audio demo works fine seemingly except the visual keyboard demo doesn’t play lower notes, but keys above the midway point or thereabout play as expected. [Edit] silly me… The keyboard works fine, just had to plug in some headphones… :slight_smile:

Nonetheless a good deal of work seemingly remains with the Android backend for Juce. The GL backend is wonky and of course the Juce Demo GL example doesn’t work on any version of Android out of the box. The GL support for drawing child components also is broken on Android when there is more than one main owned component added to a window. One other major issue is rotating a device and properly closing down and starting up again with the various cases of the Android Activity lifecycle (IE when the Activity is destroyed and when it is not depending on AndroidManifest.xml settings). Also things crash when minimizing (hitting the home screen button) and opening the Juce app again. So yes… It’s not just Jellybean testing that needs to go on, but a thorough analysis of Juce backend support on Android for all relevant versions of Android.

I’ve spent some time to try and untangle the GL child component painting issues and am considering rewriting this functionality to work with the GL rendering child component compositing system I’ve created vs using the built in Juce support. On Android seemingly when you add a menubar component this throws off GL child component painting. It’s kind of difficult to debug and write a clearer description offhand, but I’m looking into it.