Jobs for JUCERS

Hello -

We are on the look out again for freelancers.

The main project is loopcloud: see But I’ve got a synthesis and sample based plugin project coming up as well. So there’s plenty of different stuff to get done. Experience with JUCE UI development is essential. Experience with DSP, JIRA, SQLITE, and network protocol work would be useful.

And sorry, I have been a bit disorganised in the past in how I recorded details of people who’ve been in touch.

So this time I’ve got super organised and made a form. If you are interested in work now or in the future, fill in your details here:

PS. The reasons we haven’t worked with some people in the past might be interesting…

  • You are brilliant. But we can’t afford much of your time. (This may change)
  • You have no examples of your work.
  • You are working for direct competitors on similar projects (this is just awkward!)
  • Your availability is less than a day a week