Juce 1.32

I’ve been hacking away at the Jucer this week and have got a new version out for you, and also some binaries up on the website. Being part of the Juce tree, this means a new Juce release too, though there aren’t many changes to the library itself in here.

* Jucer: added undo/redo support!
* Jucer: restructured most of the project, adding support for documents of different types, so now it can create either normal components, or buttons with normal/over/down graphics. More document types can be added in future
* Jucer: added a VC6 project, and fixed some things that didn't build because of VC6 compiler bugs
* Jucer: holding down shift when resizing things now fixes the aspect ratio
* Jucer: holding down ctrl when dragging disables/enables grid-snapping
* added a couple of options to MultiDocumentPanel
* fixed a graphics bug with thick path strokes not being created correctly
* mac: managed to stop it repainting windows unnecessarily while dragging them around

excellent :slight_smile: thanks for the changes to MultiDocumentPanel, they’ll come in handy here. Also, thanks for the Jucer in general as a resource- it’s got lots of good example implementation in the code.