Juce 2 migration problems


I have been trying to migrate my Juce 1.52 code to Juce 2 but have a problem.

On OSX I decided to use Introjuicer from scratch and build a brand new version with the modules etc. The empty ( GUI ) app compiles fine.

I then added my own source code into the new Xcode project ( using the latest dot release of XCode ) exactly as per the old project. But to my surprise it seems to
not recognise or compile any of my projects .cpp or header files. it compiles as if they didnt exist!

This is very weird.

anyone else seen the same thing when migrating ?


Don’t really understand what you mean…? If you give the compiler a file, it’ll compile it! What exactly is happening?


well in the old juce project there were around 160 compile errors to fix. With the 2.0 it went to zero. Ie a little too good to be true.
The changes to the refcountobject stuff might count for some improvement but not all !.


Ok, but surely you can see whether the files are present, and whether they’re being compiled, right?