JUCE 4.1 released

We've just pushed v4.1!

There are a couple of big new features in this version:

- MPE (Multi-dimensional Polyphonic Expression) is a set of MIDI specifications designed to capture the multiple dimensions of touch as enabled by music hardware controllers, such as the Seaboard RISE and Linnstrument. ROLI's Equator synth is among the first plug-ins to have fully supported MPE and it uses these new juce classes for its implementation. We've also included an MPE tutorial example that you can use for testing and exploring the protocol. Let us know if you're making an MPE-compatible plug-in, ROLI may promote it on its website!

- Audio plugin multi-bus support. This long-requested feature was sponsored by Slate Pro Audio and Elektron. This will allow you to build plugins with side-chains and other aux channels. It'll also allow you to build pure MIDI plugins with no audio channels. To refactor the AudioProcessor class for this, we've made a few changes - old code should still compile and work fine (with a few deprecation warnings), but you may want to update your plugins to use the new more powerful channel specification methods.

Have fun!