Juce 4

Limited functionality on Windows 7 or higher, full version coming soon

Which functionalities are limited? When will be full version?

...be warned that at some point in the next year we'll make it mandatory to have a C++11 compiler.

Does this affect Visuel Studio 2015 users? It is not 100% C++11 compatible.


There's no limited functionality on Windows 7, where is that quote from?

And obviously we won't break Visual Studio compatiblity! Our move to C++11 isn't imminent and by the time we actually do it, Visual Studio will be different anyway. But I'd imagine that we'd at least support versions as far back as VS2013.

Quote is from "requirements" section here:




That's talking about the Projucer, not the library itself.

Then the "requirements" title shold be green and not white.


I was waiting for Juce4 before I purchase licenses. No information about new licensing policy is not very reasuring. And now that more facts about 4 are out I'm even more in doubt. I admit, I'm almost panicking.