Juce 4

Just downlaoded Juce 4 and compiled demo host and thought I had an error but it has been fixed.

Thanks, we'll debug it when we get chance, but this isn't something that we broke in the release - the VST3 code hasn't changed for a while.

To be fair, if it's not even got the entry-point function, or if that function is returning null, then it doesn't sound like a juce issue, maybe an architecture mismatch or some other problem loading the DLL in the first place.

Sorry I just changed my post. The demo code is running fine. It was a Windows 32bit x64 setting that was broken.

Thanks for the quick response.

On VST3,

AudioPluginInstance* instance has been created.

How do I access getMidiControllerAssignment (busIndex, channel, midiController, resultID); once a plugin instance is created?

I still can't figure it out.

That's part of an internal class, it's not exposed publicly. The juce plugin wrappers are designed to be lowest-common-denominator so it doesn't expose VST3-specific methods. What are you trying to do?