JUCE 5.2.1 Released


JUCE 5.2.1 has just been released with a whole load of bug fixes,
improvements and features - check out the change list here!

It’s available now from the JUCE website and GitHub.


  • Added lambda callbacks to ListenerList, Slider, Button, Label, ComboBox and TextEditor




any ideas why the Projucer is giving this error msg under 5.2.1 (Mac) and how to fix it?
error: /Source/MainComponent.cpp: ‘clwbintrin.h’ file not found



Are you definitely using the latest Projucer and compile engine? Can you try reproducing this with the Projucer that is included in the website download using one of the JUCE example projects such as HelloWorld?


I’m sure I’m using the 5.2.1 build from the website. I have removed the Juce 5.2 directory.

Hello World project works fine, but SimpleFFTExample gives the same error.


Ah yes I’m seeing this now, I’ll get that fixed


OK this should be fixed now. If you were using the Projucer included in the 5.2.1 download from the JUCE website then please re-download, and if you were using a version that you built yourself then you need to delete and re-download the live-build DLL (this post explains how)


@ed95 Question on this:

void Button::sendClickMessage (const ModifierKeys& modifiers)
    Component::BailOutChecker checker (this);

    if (commandManagerToUse != nullptr && commandID != 0)
        ApplicationCommandTarget::InvocationInfo info (commandID);
        info.invocationMethod = ApplicationCommandTarget::InvocationInfo::fromButton;
        info.originatingComponent = this;

        commandManagerToUse->invoke (info, true);

    clicked (modifiers);

    if (checker.shouldBailOut())

    buttonListeners.callChecked (checker, [this] (Listener& l) { l.buttonClicked (this); });

    if (checker.shouldBailOut())

    if (onClick != nullptr)

So, the onClick is optional, but we still have to implement buttonClicked(). I thought the whole point of adding those lambda callbacks was so that you can choose either approach to handling button clicks now. Any thoughts?


anyone had a problem with .vst on Mac?while everything is fine with AU and AXX, .vst crashes the DAW
the same configuration was working fine on 5.2 …

and another weird thing… now the AU is opening but when I try to close the window of the plugin DAW crashes and shuts down… (same issue I had with El Capitan MAcOS… any similar experiences?


You can choose to use the onClick callback or derive from the Listener class and implement buttonClicked() if you wish but you should select one of the approach.


if you don’t implement buttonClicked(), then won’t that buttonListeners.callChecked (checker, [this] (Listener& l) { l.buttonClicked (this); }); not compile?

or is that only if the class that holds the button subclasses Button::Listener?


Only if you subclass Button::Listener.