JUCE 5.3.0 Released

JUCE 5.3.0 has just been released with lots of great new features,
improvements and code examples - check out the change list here!

We’ve also added almost 30 new JUCE tutorials here!

It’s available now from the swanky new JUCE website and GitHub.


Wohoo the documentation became readable again :grin:
Also, nice touch having two separate for master and develop, well done


Congrats guys !

Just a heads up, every page on the documentation is titled JUCE: "Main page"

Ha, I remember in June of last year this was an issue with the black, funny almost a year later and it turns white.

Nice work guys. Great selection of tutorials, plus some welcome additions and updates. :ok_hand:

Legibility…I’m a big fan. Thank you.