JUCE 5.4.0 - all kinds of problems


OK, I have set up a new project with VST3 only and have brought my source files in from the previous project.

It compiles and builds with no errors in Visual Studio 2017 but I am still getting this big list of errors in Juce from "include_juce_video.cpp "- and I don’t understand why because there is no VIDEO anything used in my code.


If you are using no video, you can remove the JUCE video module from your Projucer project.


Does Projucer add them all in there by default? I assumed it only “included” what was needed.


For some unknown reason it adds the video module for many of the project templates. IMHO it’s almost never needed, but maybe there is some reason for adding that.


Yes, sometimes there is some little fragment of something that requires a module. Anyhow, I removed it and all errors gone throughout. Thank you for the suggestion.

All this work today and all I accomplished was the REDUCTION in capability (no more VST2 builds). Wow. Now, in addition, I have to go and rewrite the “depricated createAndAddParameter” sections that I just learned about 2 days ago. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

How do you guys keep up with all these changes?


You must have the VST2 sdk if you can build with 5.32. Here is my option filled in, when I select VS 2017 in the exporter menu in 5.4.0:-


The plug-in demos show the new parameter change stuff, it’s not really all that different. Although I did find the ‘state.state’ line kind of confusing. The trick is not to panic, it’s just deprecated, you don’t have to change it now!


If I’m not mistaken JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2 is for existing VST2 plugins moving to VST3? (please somebody correct me if I’m wrong). As you are new to JUCE and developing new plugins I assume you haven’t signed an agreement to make new VST2 plugins, and as you can no longer sign the agreement there is absolutely no need for you to need the VST2 SDK. I realise there are still VST2 only DAWs but it’s now up to the DAW manufacturers to sort that out. So does disabling JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2 and turning off building of VST2 fix your problem?


I have mine set as you show and it doesn’t work for VST2. I get all the errors shown in my OP here. As Xenakios said above, and I checked, the following files are NOT in the VST2 SDK that I downloaded a couple of weeks ago. It appears they have also been removed from JUCE.

So, it basically looks like I missed the cutoff date for being able to legally develop any VST2 plugins. There is no license agreement for it and, even if I could find an old one, not sure Steinberg would approve it since it’s past Oct.

So, I’m pressing on with VST3 only. Will limit my customer base but hopefully not for long.


Yes it did. I couldn’t figure out how to remove the VST2 code from the JUCE project file so I created a new project with VST2 Legacy turned off. I brought in my existing source files and it worked. Done. But as I said above, I spent a whole day on this just to REMOVE something (no more VST2). Now THAT’s “progress”! :roll_eyes:


Out of curiosity, which are the VST2 only DAWs?

This is like the same thing that happened to ending 32bit support in apps that loaded libraries(e.g. Unity3D Editor). The world didn’t end and it forced developers to get with it. :wink:


see the list in that thread :


Oh yes, I forgot about Ableton Live 10 without VST3 support. :slight_smile: