JUCE 6.0.8 breaks right-click in some hosted VST3 plugins


after upgrading to JUCE 6.0.8 I recognized that right-clicking inside of some hosted VST3 plugins in Windows does not work anymore. Going back in the commit list I could locate cb5790 from Feb 19 to be the last working commit.The problem was introduced by commit 455e08 and later.

For testing you can use the u-he plugins which mostly (Diva, Repro-1, …) have a hidden menu when right-clicking on the logo section.


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Unless I am totally misunderstanding your issue, right-clicking still works in my synth still under construction. Yes I upgraded to JUCE 6.0.8. I did a “Rebuild Solution”, and tested right-click which I use extensively on knobs to set envelope and LFO source. Works like a charm in the JUCE Host and in Reaper.

Indeed, there are plugins (e.g. DS Thorn, Reason Rack) where right-click still works but I haven’t found them in first place. Will adapt the thread title accordingly.

What I have tested and plugins that are affected are at least u-he and Plugin Alliance Brainworx. I do not claim to have a complete overview of plugins that have a right-click functionality in the UI so there might be more.

I am a bit confused. What does those plugins you mention, u-he and Plugin Alliance Brainworx, have to do with JUCE?

JUCE has the ability to host VST3 plugins, see AudioPluginHostDemo in the extras/ subfolder. These mentioned plugins show a context menu when right-clicking insider their UI and that does not work anymore when hosting them with JUCE 6.0.8.

Ok I see, yes I use AudioPluginHostDemo myself every time I compile and test my synthesizer, and as I mentioned in my first reply, right-click in my synth works as a charm.

Thanks for reporting. We’ve reverted the reparenting changes on Windows which should fix the issue (as well as the Arturia issue that you also posted). Please let us know if you experience any other hosting issues with these changes:

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