JUCE Account Login in CI Environment

Hi, the sole developer on my team has purchased a JUCE 7 Pro License and has raised this question:

We are using Github Actions as our CI environment and are having trouble finding out a way to login to a JUCE account through the command line, which I understand as the only way to apply the license. Basically the license works in local dev environment, but not in our CI environment.

Is there a way to resolve this issue? Does anyone have experience/insight on applying the license in the Github Actions build process? Thank you very much.

Basically the license works in local dev environment, but not in our CI environment.

What are you doing in your CI workflow that is different to working locally? What isn’t working as expected?

If the splash screen is disabled in the project file then an interactive session with the Projucer will prevent exporting the file without an appropriate licence, but the same checks are not applied when using the Projucer’s command line interface. When doing Projucer --resave path/to/project.jucer the project will be exported with whatever splash screen setting is present in the project file.

If you’re still running into problems, you can also define JUCE_DISPLAY_SPLASH_SCREEN=0 in your build system if you have a valid licence, which overrides the setting in the project file.

Hey t0m, thanks for your advice. We were able to solve the issue by defining JUCE_DISPLAY_SPLASH_SCREEN=0.

Somehow related question, I was wondering what approaches people use for getting a Projucer executable ready on their CI. You could for instance build the projucer or upload the executable manually. Or you could download it from juce github repo.

I think everybody is using CMake