Juce analytics

I’m surprised at just how many people that are downloading my app are still using Win 7…
I know that Juce collects some usage data but as a dev it would be good to know top level percentages of say what OS is being used. Can you make these public?

Just from looking at the raw data it looks like ~10% of users are on Win7, but I’d be hesitant to draw any conclusions from this without properly examining the analytics data. Making this information public is something that we’d really like to do as it’s a very useful tool, but we’ll need to make sure it’s robust before releasing it which could take some time.

I ask as a couple of my users are having problems since introducing juce SIMD code and it seems to be localised to 32 bit Win 7 userbase.

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It’s 32-bit installs that boggles me more than people still on WIndows 7 …

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Something to do with cracked 32-bit DAWs?

Well, a 32-bit DAW will run on a 64-bit Windows. I think it’s just when they clicked install they selected: “please reduce the usefulness of my operating system”…

Or maybe there’s a tick box: “Will you need to count higher than 2 billion?” [YES/NO]


Oh right, so we talking completely 32-bit. I was thinking of the 32-bit on 64 scenario

Nah - genuine Windows 32-bit users…

Apparently the 32-bit version still supports 16bit applications (I’m entering a new level of boggle here…)


It gets worse…

I found out that the user is running Windows 7 32 bit on a Mac :roll_eyes:

Honestly, it could be an engineering student somewhere running Win7 32bit in bootcamp on their to support some ancient tools they need for lab classes. It’s a rare use case for sure, but totally understandable.

I said to him that I would just run a build off with no optimisations but no plans to support that setup. Especially that vectorisation is an important part of the roadmap of my product.

I have a 32 bit macbook, that is stuck with 10.6.8, so I could imagine to run Win 7 on it just to not throwing it away.

Annoying to give support to though, I feel with you…