Juce and iPhone


We have alot of legacy code that uses the juce core classes, like Array, String etc.

I spent the morning building Juce against the latest iPhone sdk 3.1 and managed to get alot of things to work. I have it compiling and have the use of alot of the things I need as mentioned above and it works fine.

It would be great though if we could see an official Juce release that gives us alot of the above functionality on the iPhone.

As I said, it wasn’t a massive job, just excluded alot of what wasn’t needed in the config file and added/removed some frameworks.
Would love to see offical support for the iPhone, even if its is just some core classes for the start.

I’ve just started tinkering around with the iphone SDK, so may start tweaking a few classes for compatibility soon…

Hi Jules,

That would be great! Even just the core classes would make a big difference as it would mean that we would be able to reuse alot of code.