Juce and XCode - Auto Completion is too slow

FWIW, I also found that Xcode is very slow to update class and method comments on the help inspector after minor changes.

Doesn’t Clion use the same LLVM tool chain as Xcode under the hood? If so, how come there’s any performance difference at all?

CLion (AFAIK) keeps their own ‘model’ of the code after parsing it using LLVM. That’s how they’re able to do things Xcode doesn’t do like all the refactoring/analysis options, give you code tips, etc.

In the past they even had a settings option to use only their auto complete/analysis instead of the Clang one, but I think they might have deprecated it.

Hi @eyalamir

I had tried generating the xcode project using CMakeLists.txt using this command.

cmake -G Xcode -B build

Generated project when opened with Xcode has faster autocompletion as compared to the project generated from projucer.

I think the problem can be with, how projucer generates the xcode project.

Also, the generated cmake project for xcode does not have nice file-folder structure as projucer generated project. It includes juce modules in my source code folder.

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There are some ways to set flags to generate an Xcode project structure more similar to what you expect to see, @sudara has indicated most of the things you can do in Pamplejuce: GitHub - sudara/pamplejuce: A JUCE Plugin CI template. JUCE 7 & Catch2 with macOS notarization and Windows EV code signing on Github Actions