Juce-Application won't start using double click or "Open" in terminal

Hello Everybody,

i am having quite a strange problem here. I am developing a Mac App on a pretty new M1 machine. I checked x86_64 as valid architecture. Debug and Release Version both have the setting “Standard 64-Bit” and Mac OS 10.10 as Deployment Target. The Application is supposed to run on older machines as well.

On my development machine everything is fine. I can start the Application directly from XCode, i can start it via a double click or i can go the terminal and use the “Open …” command. Works flawlessly. Even on windows everything runs fine.

Unfortunatly on my other test machine (Intel core i7, Mac OS 10.15.5) i cannot open the application as explained above. Double click or Open will just do nothing. It will not even create the log file, that is supposed to be written during the first lines of code.
HOWEVER: i can start the application using the terminal by cd-ing into the application and opening the contained binary (“cd MyApplication/Contents/MacOS” and then “Open MyApplication”). So the compiled application actually DOES work! I just can’t start it in a standard way.

Does anybody know what might be my problem here? Can’t be something serious, i believe.

All other applications i made with JUCE so far do not have this sort of problem.