Juce as static or dynamic library

Hi Jules,

I want to use JUCE as static or dynamic library and created some of my project modules as library and dll.
But when create juce as static library it does not work.
For example if I add column to TableListBox it crashes in method
int TableHeaderComponent::getIndexOfColumnId (const int columnId, const bool onlyCountVisibleColumns)

Please let me know why this behaviour is coming when JUCE is used as library.

What is the solution for this.?
I have used latest JUCE code from the GIT.


I am not sure what your problem might be but I can tell you that I use it as a static library all the time.

Hi Jules,
What might be causing this problem?
I Dont want to include Juce files in every library I create.
Please help the community in this regard.

Sounds like your library and headers are mis-matched.