JUCE + ASIO4ALL Not Working on Windows 8 x64

Hi everyone,

Currently messing with ASIO and JUCE, and I’m getting a very odd issue specific to Windows 8 (x64); ASIO4ALL constantly flashes the red exclamation in my 64-bit application (haven’t tried in a 32-bit app…).

I’ve tested ASIO4ALL, and my AudioBox’s ASIO driver, on Windows 7 (x64) with JUCE, and both work perfectly fine!

Is anybody else able to test this particular scenario out? If so, do you see this same problem? And if you have tips as to what I could be looking at to debug this… let me know (it’s slightly beyond me atm).

Does ASIO4ALL work in other applications under Windows 8 x64?

Yeah, it’s running fine in various other DAWs (FL, Audition, Reaper). Sorry, forgot to note that!

Yeah, similar problems here - except that Windows would crash out also. Note that a couple of other non-Juce audio related programs exhibited the same behaviour for me. Hence I put it down to ASIO4ALL and uninstalled it.

I am seeing the same thing. It will run on Windows 8 (x32) and both versions of Win7. My app will also run the 32 version under Windows8 (x64).