JUCE Assertion Failure

So the latest build of HISE finally has fixed a lot of problems. I can easily build my HISE project for iOS but now I just get continuous “kill” screens the assertion failure messages.

I hit continue in the debugger and I get more and more failures such as ones for “temp” files.

Here is the picture of the initial error:

Although this says it’s a “JUCE Assertion” the actual failure is happening in HISE, here:

There’s a comment in the source explaining why the failure happened. In general, it’s a good idea to look at the code immediately before a failed assertion, as this will often provide some helpful context for the failure.

As this is an issue in HISE rather than JUCE, I suggest trying to create a minimal code example demonstrating the failure, then logging an issue on the HISE Github repo.

HISE has also it’s own forum, it’s worth asking there as well in addition to the github:

Disecting the code, it was iterating through the external scripts and it was expected that there is a child node with a property “Filename”. The jassertfalse tells you that the author @chrisboy2000 never expected that to fail. This point should never been reached.

Btw. a much nicer way to write this is:

auto child = externalScripts.getChildWithProperty ("FileName", realFileName);
if (child.isValid() && child.hasProperty ("Content"))
    return child.getProperty ("Content");

return {};