JUCE AU Crashing Ableton Live 11

When I build and run my AU from XCode to Ableton Live 11, Live immediately crashes each time I try to load the plugin onto a track.

This has happened to me in the past with other programs, and I was able to resolve it quickly based on the error line on the output log in XCode. However, this time I see nothing on the log and have no clue at all what might be causing the crash.

I am still relatively new to development and JUCE and I’m sure this might seem trivial to most of you, but I’m not sure where else to look for information. Is there a specific place to view these crash/error logs in XCode?

This will definitely be a learning experience for me. Thanks in advance!

These are the hardest crash to debug.

There may or may not be a crash log generated from the how you can find the console app under crash reports.

The next step from my experience is to begin removing / commenting out code from the processor until you find what’s the issue. Also disabling the editor to ensure it’s not there

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A good thing to try is to make a debug build, attach your debugger to Live, then try to load the AU and see if it halts on the fault.

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And try pluginval!

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Nice to see you here, Jake! I’m actually running into this error while working on the chorus/flanger plugin at the end of your Kadenze course lol

Good idea - definitely going to try to comment out some of these lines and see which one is causing the bug.

Hmm I’ve never heard of this! Definitely looks useful - how exactly do you use it?

Launch it (I do it from Xcode/VS), load your plugins, test it and see it crash and you can debug where it does crash (hopefully).
It’s a small host that is quite nicely done as it tests a lot of things.

I’ve just got this up and running. This seems like a really useful tool moving forward. Thanks for the recommendation!