JUCE Audio Plugin for cloud processing service


I’m seeking a JUCE developer to make a audio plugin (vst/au/aax) which would use cloud processing to process audio from a DAW. The infrastructure is already built and online, we just need a plugin that can allow a user to transfer their audio into the plugin (similar to Melodyne or Vocalign), upload it to the cloud server, submit a job request to our API, poll for the job to be finished, and once finished download it and allow the user to play it back in place, or allow the user to drag the audio off the interface and onto a track in their DAW.

There are some controls and interface to create, but I’d provide any UI graphic resources and the wireframe for laying out components.

A nice plus would be being able to use ARA in compatible DAWs to transfer the audio into the plugin.

Since the processing is done in the cloud, I imagine this is a rather simple plugin to create, but would just need to feel smooth and efficient to the user in terms of usage, error management, etc.

If you feel you are a good fit, shoot me an email at madmax00178 @ gmail.com.


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