juce_audio_utils has compiler errors

Still working through the book.  In chapter 7, there is an exercise where you create an audio player. it says that you need to have the juce_audio_utils" module.  This module was not in the set that I had, but I seen the button in Introjucer to download and add a module. So, I downloaded it from there.

Created my media player app in Introjucer saved and opened it up in VS2013. 

When I got to a point where I wanted to start to compile something and see some progress I started getting errors dealing with the juce_audio_utils module.

The error were basicly saying that someFun is not a member of some class.  I've attached a screen shot of the errors.

Also, when I opened up one of the files, inside the IDE I got a TON of follow up errors. Basically it seemed as though the audio_utils module didn't seem to know where the juce.h file was.  That is just a guess.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!

It sounds like you've got a version of that module that's out-of-step with the other ones. The git repo is usually slightly ahead of the code that the introjucer downloads, so maybe that's what's wrong. Personally, I'd suggest just using the GIT repo as your source, so you know you've always got a matched codebase.

Hi Jules...  Sounds good, but the modules folder didn't have juce audio utlls folder which is why I downloaded it from the "download" button from wihhin Introjucer. 

OR does the audio utils functionality actually reside in one of the existing audio modules in newer versions of the juce framework?

Well, I don't know why it would be missing from your folder - it certainly exists. But like I said, GIT is the best way to get the code. That way you know the entire folder is up to date and in sync.

Thanks Jules,  noted using GIT.  
I just this moment downladed another fresh copy from GIT.  You're right, its in the zip file. Not sure what happen on my end.