Juce + Audiokit?

I’m researching options for building an OSX audio app and discovered Juce and Audiokit. I haven’t been able to find much info on integrating the two. Is it possible?

Hey Dave,

Nice to see you on here. It seems that AudioKit is more focused on Obj-C based apps & Swift. JUCE is built to be cross-platform and I see uses a lot of the same dependencies, so you may have a bit of trouble integrating them, as well as it making your app not cross platform. The only place you really see Obj-C is in the wrapper classes which then you access through C++, using Obj-C on the top layer may be a bit messy.

I’m not quite sure as I didn’t take long looking into the framework, but if you want we can try to get an app going with it. Alternatively, it might be better to ditch their wrappers and just use the STK library or some other C++ signal processing library which is very easy to integrate with JUCE.

Someone else may know more! Good luck!