JUCE "background only" App with TUIO

Using JUCE with TUIO, I’m developing a multi-touch utility to send “hot keys” commands to other applications (I am using a usb touch frame that sends TUIO messages). For instance, I provide an interface through which users can touch-and-hold to program a key combo and then tap that button to send the programmed key combo to another app. They way I accomplish this on OSX is by running my utility as a “background only” application (NSApplicationActivationPolicyProhibited). I use [NSWindow setCanHide: NO] so the GUI of my utility is visible even though it runs as a background app.

It works well except in the case that a window from another application is on top of mine. What happens is that touches get passed through that other app into mine- causing unintentional button pushes in my app. Normally, I could have my app only listen to the TUIO touch callback whenever is is the active application, [NSApp isActive]. But, since my app is background only, it is never active and I have no way to tell if another window is covering it to prevent touches.

So, is there any way for a “background only” app to be able to tell if it is on top of all other windows? Or, is there a way from within my app to get a list of all Cocoa windows from other applications and be able to tell if they are appearing on top of my “background only” app?

Not sure about that, you’d need to look through the OSX windowing APIs and see what functions are available. TBH I wouldn’t expect there’s any way to detect the windows of other processes, because allowing apps to do that could be a security issue.