JUCE based VST API Logger Beta

I finished writing a VST API logger for Windows that can log the VST API functions and opcodes between any host and any plugin. It can be used for debugging your host, plugin or just for learning how a host and plugin communicate.

I am working on the Web site and user guide but for now there is only the zipped DLL file to donwload. Source code will be available on the Web site once its done.

Quick summary of what it does

  • Put the DLL where the host can find it

  • When the host calls the plugin main() you will need to point the logger to the actual plugin DLL to log (it can happen twice if the host calls main when it scans the plugin directory so make sure you provide the same plugin DLL in scan and in the actual logging session)

  • The logger proxies all the VST API calls and the AEffect struct from the host to the plugin so everything should work ok

  • You can see the log output in the debugger output or in any application that shows calls to Win32 OutputDebugString like http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/debugview.shtml

  • The C API is logged and not the C++ API but it is very similar anyway

  • With the logger GUI you can control what is logged, you can enable logging both on function and opcode level

Please send feedback to ost12666@gmail.com or just discuss it here on the forum

I wrote it since I needed a logger for my main project so its going to be a free open source program. If someone would like to port it to the Mac I will be very happy.

You can download it from: