juce_browser_plugin_client error in 4.1.0-105

Haven't looked at my JUCE project in about a month.  Tonight I upgraded to 4.1.0-105-g30ac2dc.  When I try to update my project with the introjucer as I normally do (build introjucer, run introjucer, File -> Save) I got an error about a module path being invalid.

Looking at Config -> Modules, I see that juce_browser_plugin_client is set to "?" and it tells me that 4.1.0 is available.  Screenshot attached.

How do I fix this?

stephane@dev-vm ~/p/juce> git describe
stephane@dev-vm ~/p/juce> git status
On branch master
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.

We dropped support for the old browser plugin stuff, since no browsers support it any more - were you actually still using it??

No, I wasn't using it.  But this project was setup a couple of years ago, so there were lines in the .jucer project file about it.

I finally figured out last night that all I had to do was manually delete the MODULEPATH and MODULES lines that referenced browser plugin, and the error went away.

Just deleting that module from the list in the introjucer should have been enough.

(I've no idea what you mean by "MODULEPATH", I don't think it's anything related to juce)

(I've no idea what you mean by "MODULEPATH", I don't think it's anything related to juce)

These are the lines I had to remove from my .jucer project file.  See MODULEPATH and MODULES:

        <MODULEPATH id="juce_browser_plugin_client" path="../juce/modules"/>
    <MODULES id="juce_browser_plugin_client" showAllCode="0" useLocalCopy="0"/>

I have no idea how to remove it from the list in the introjucer.  I see no option to remove it.  See the screenshot in the previous post.  It was telling me there was a new version for 4.1, but I had no idea how to upgrade to it.

You can just click on that module in the introjucer's module list, and hit delete. No need to hack the XML directly.