JUCE bug fix: window maximize/restore

I fixed the maximize/restore bug. Anybody interested? It’s GPL so it should be okay to modify and share freely, right?

bah, to hell with it, here’s the damn zip if ya want it!

Of course I mailed it to Jules but don’t know how long it’ll be before he can add it and post v1.5, and also he might have some technical issue with my fix…but it’s such a minor thing…

Maybe we should have a separate private JUCE hack repository for eval, code review, and alpha test among ourselves. Jules should advise on this.

Mmmmmm, the wholesome organic goodness of “Open”.

I’m more than open for using the juce spot on submini to handle the files and what not… for the time being, I guess we can use descriptive filenames so we know from who and what it is…

and if we want it private, I can do that to… just lemmie know… :wink:

I hate to diss your coding skillz, bithead, but I think people should use that file at their own risk! It ain’t gonna work if you use more than one window, or menus, or message boxes, or a mac…

I’ve done an official fix now, though, and will post up a v1.5 in the next few days.

ACK! That’s some mass hackery if I’ve ever seen it.

I had already alerted Jules to the bug :slight_smile:

OK it sucks. It was 4am. Sorry! Just trying to help. I was gassed that it even worked. I just got everything all dialed in under VC6 and was building Samplecher. Eh, well the road to hell is paved with good intention.

I’m fuzzy from last night, but I thought I read that Win32 provides all the window position memory, maybe I could take advantage of that.