Juce/C++ developer

Hi there,

I’m Sander, founder of Haute Technique, based in The Netherlands, and we make creative technology solutions for the entertainment and event industry. We produce software for the top of the industry.

We are looking for some extra hands on a specific project, something I can enlighten more in call/conversation.

To sum up the skills that we are looking for:

  • Experience with C++ and building apps for the general public.
  • At least 2 years of Juce experience.
  • Basic knowledge of Git, Projucer, working in teams.
  • You can think out of the box.
  • You can work remotely and independent.
  • Basic 3D/Computer graphics knowledge.

Extra pres are:

  • Experience in AI
  • Experience in OpenGL/GLSL

We are super exited to meet new talents that can contribute, both in tech and creatively.

Feel free to email me your portfolio/resume/work at sander@hautetechnique.com

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