juce_calloc and juce_free still floating around

In the very latest tip in juce_VSTMidiEventList.h, line 145:

[code]for (int i = numEventsAllocated; i < numEventsNeeded; ++i)
VstMidiEvent* const e = (VstMidiEvent*) juce_calloc (jmax ((int) sizeof (VstMidiEvent),
(int) sizeof (VstMidiSysexEvent)));
e->type = kVstMidiType;
e->byteSize = sizeof (VstMidiEvent);

            events->events[i] = (VstEvent*) e;

…and a juce_free a bit further down, both are no longer declared. Will probably be replaced by HeapBlock, but just to be sure…

Damn, I did a search for them to make sure…! Thanks, not sure how I missed that but will eliminate it right away!