JUCE CMake Different Project and Product Names

As I’m porting a very large project with lots of existing code and build tooling, I want to reduce the amount of change as much as possible from our PJ project.

With that in mind, is it possible to have different names for the product name and the JUCE generated ProjectInfo::projectName?

I know I could use JUCE_DONT_DECLARE_PROJECTINFO to skip it but I have constexpr flags based on it and it’s nice that it updates automatically when the version numbers change. It feels wrong to have to specify this in more place than just the CMakeLists.txt file.

Specifically, the project name is “Waveform” and the product name should be “Waveform 12 (64-bit)” so you can see the difference. Any pointers much appreciated.

Never mind. I think I can do what I want with:

                      PROPERTIES OUTPUT_NAME <product_name>)

Ok, that didn’t work but for anyone following this did:

                      PROPERTIES XCODE_ATTRIBUTE_PRODUCT_NAME <product_name>)