juce_Convolution : previous sound stops when load new IR - any way round this?

Hi, Im making a convolution reverb based on the dsp Convolution example.
It works fine except a previous sound gets truncated whenever I load a new IR (my workflow has the IR being reloaded very frequently, in code). I can see there is a pair of stereo convolvers under the hood but is there a way to force one to ‘complete’ even while starting the other to process? At the moment it seems to initiate a very fast crossfade, which is better than nothing, but not ideal. Cheers.

Hello ! This is a very good request, I’ll see what I can do.

Ideally, instead of forcing one convolver to “complete” processing, the solution should be to copy and paste the content of the previous convolver temporary buffer in the new convolver temporary buffer, so we could use the reverb late replies in the new convolver, and smooth even more the whole resulting sound during IR changes.

That sounds like it might work? Are you saying you will have a go?

Yes I’ll see what can be done :wink:


Hi, did you have any luck with this? I’m about to re-look into it.

I’ve planned to do some refactoring of the Convolution class in September, I’ll add this feature as well in the list :wink:

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