JUCE DEMO failed to load in fl studio


I have issues with juce demo on fl studio

on visual express i compiled project and generated the dll that I copied in the scan folder of fl studio,but when opening the vst in the chanel of fl studio i got : error you try to launch an effect this is an instrument channel.

But on the mixer tracks I can launch the juce demo with no problem and play some notes strange cause it is like a synth and must work in this case in when loaded in channel .

I dont know execute the dll from visual express so i can find where is the problem ,i mean how fl studio recognize if it an affect where is the message the dll give to the external world( fl studio in this case) to say hello i'm an fx and not an instrument.

do you know how to fix this issues?

I compiled the project with latest version of sdk steinberg so everything is update I think

thanks for your help