Juce Demo projects now missing from git repo?

I don't know if I have messed up my local Juce git repo somehow, but the XCode and Visual Studio projects for building the Juce Demo seem to be now missing from the repo after pulling from Github. Is this a problem on my end?

There are now two folders, "examples" and "extras", and a few of the projects have been moved from one to the other.

Annoyingly it seems that when GIT moves a folder to a new location, it won't remove the old one if you've modified any files inside it, so some people might be left with ghost folders for old projects. Try looking for these things in the examples folder instead of extras.

Time to time when Jules renames and/or moves files in the repository, weird things happen after fetching (at least for me). That was the case with the last branch merge.

The only thing that works consistently for me, it to rename the old Juce folder, re-clone the whole of juce, and manually (or Windiff) changes/files across