JUCE Developer | 3D audio VST Plug-In


Hy JUCE community,

we are a three-headed team, based in Leipzig (Germany) and are searching for an expierienced JUCE developer to program a VST-Plug-In to control 3D Audio Systems for live performances and audio productions.

The concept & graphic design of the VST Plug-In is finished and well documented in text and image. It is an easy to grasp concept.

The VST-Plugin requires:

  • Implementation of basic and advanced mathematical movement functions (to move virtual objects in 2d space, 3d space)
  • Complex and dynamic Architecture for several complex movement functions, interacting with each other
  • GUI Programming - Multitouch GUI, 2D/3D visualisation canvas (also for editing movements), parameter section (ShapeButtons, Fader, Dropdown, Multichoice Dropdown), a special Menue (ShapeButtons)
  • OSC Communication
  • Binaural Rendering implementation (optional, later in process)

there is no audio signal processing, except of the binaural rendering, which is not necessary for the start. Just OSC communication. We are not building a 3d audio rendering! We just control several systems via OSC!!!

Knowledge and background in the field of audio production is not mandatory!
A detailed insight in the concept with images and function descriptions will follow after a personal contact. The development will take some months and is payed.

We are looking forward to hear from you,
Your Wisp-Team