JUCE Developer / Next Gen User Interface

I am looking for a JUCE developer or someone that lives and breaths User Inteface development in C++. My team is currently writing a next generation client for a major company in a very exciting space. If you are interested please send me a CV and a brief description of what you have been working on. The job is located in the Bay Area, I apologize for not being able to post more information. I am not a recruiter, I am actually running the project itself and need to staff up. Send an email to lifeofzero(at)gmail.com.


Where is Bay area (California ? Florida ?) ?
Can you be more verbose on the project ?


Sorry, the Bay Area in this case is Northern California(San Jose/San Francisco). Unfortunately I can’t be more verbose as to what the project is in this forum.

High Level:

  1. User Interface development.
  2. Huge user base.
  3. Established company.
  4. Early stage project.
  5. Small team.

Any more questions feel free to send me an email to lifeofzero(at)gmail.com.