JUCE Discord

Hey folks, I made a JUCE server on the Discord platform.

here’s the permalink if you’re already on Discord.


Join folks! :slight_smile:

Hey admins, we’re putting in the official request to get some ROLI presence in the discord channel. We’ve got a fair amount of forum users joined up and talking over there :slight_smile:

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We have reached 28 users on the discord channel! Come join the discussion!

I would like to join but I have too many chat programs going on as it is!

Would there be a public Slack team that we can request to join?

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+1 for Slack. Discord seems a bit too gamer-ish.

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@jrlanglois @pflugshaupt I think you should join the channel and see what is being discussed before declaring it “gamer-ish”. I don’t know what your experience has been on other discord servers…

I was hesitant too, but Andross pointed me to Franz, an Austrian meta messenger (or rather wrapper around several messengers, including slack, skype, icq and several others, so I am quite happy with that setup now:

(sure it is not perfect, doesn’t handle jabber, irc also no end-2-end encryption, but well, better than 5 apps running…)


Oh interesting! I’ll have to dive into that…

Haven’t any direct issue with Discord - just the coordinating of the various chat programs!

And for the record, I take part in my local game developer Slack. :slight_smile:

I did join, but left again when I saw all the game-monsters in the background. Personally I use Slack if chatting is required.
Anyway, I doubt Roli team members will join discord and for me the forum works well as it is.

“game monsters in the background”?
I definitely don’t or haven’t seen what you saw…

I joined… but is it really normal for the Discord app to take about 45 minutes to start up every time (on MacOS)?


use the website: https://discordapp.com/channels/@me

What are the advantages of Discord? Do we really need another channel for communication besides this forum?

Remark: If you or your company is looking for an encrypted channel for group communication, encrypted git repositories, public and private file sharing and a smart way to provide your public key to others: keybase.io. It’s free and open-source, comes with clients for desktop and mobile AND has a command line client.


I’d be all about a slack channel personally. Seems lots of people have slack and is easy to integrate into the daily flow of things.

I’m in some slack channels for some other programming frameworks i use and they’re quite helpful / friendly.

Definitely much more efficient than the forum for quick / easy questions & answer

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Feel free to start one.

The discord channel is pretty active, tho.

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I’m happy with Discord and appreciate you making the channel : ) sorry didn’t mean to knock it, just thought slack might be a bit more accessible.

I’ll see you in there!

I’m in!

I’m using the app (on OSX). First I needed to go in using the web page and beg someone to give me an invite URL, which I can use to join from the app.

This is an exciting looking collaborative medium.

invite links are PINNED in the #general room. Also, a couple users reported problems with the app. I use the website, as it works just fine and is one less piece of software to download/install. I do use the discord app on my phone, tho.