JUCE drinkup in Los Angeles, CA?


I see a good handful of folks are in or near Los Angeles - should we organize a drinkup?


I’m always open to the consumption of adult beverages… :wink:


I’m here 3-4 days a week for the next month. Like to meet up too.



sounds good


How about the evening of Saturday, April 28th ?


I’m in. Working in the day, but can probably get somewhere afterwards.



Anyone besides Bruce and J.F. ?


Nice - I don’t make it down to LA often, but will drop a line when I do.

and, I would echo the invitation to an adult beverage or two if any of you ever make it up to San Francisco.


Seems like there are more. I can’t do the 28th (traveling, with spotty internet), but am still up for a social.


I can’t do the 28th now either…

Good to be busy, at least.