Juce Extras project that has all the modules?

Which JUCE Extras project has ALL the modules? I need to add something to my Visual Studio solution so that I can Find in Files and browse the sources without using IntroJucer. Now that the static library projects are no longer provided, which Extras project should take its place?


The juce demo probably has the most modules. What I tend to do is to just have the introjucer open, but do a find-in-files on the whole juce folder rather than just the current project’s files.

Is this on Mac? In Visual Studio the only choices for Find in Files is “Current Project” or “Entire Solution.” There’s no option for looking into a directory - the files have to be part of some project.

Which version? In VS 2010 you can make your own ‘Look in:’ folder groups as easy as anything (via the ‘…’ button next to the field in the search window).

The problem is then one has to change it every time when switching between solution sources and JUCE sources, which is a pain point.